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    This is a test to see if any of these items would be popular. Items that are not currently available can be pre-ordered. If you have interest in something you see here, send an email to Let us know what item(s) you want, how many, and the type of wood you would like the items to be made out of. For a selection of wood types available please see the  wood selection page.

Candle Holders
Walnut and maple candle holder Cedar candle holder
   The top left candle holder is made from walnut and maple wood. This particular candle holder is not for sale but can be recreated upon request.
   The candle holder on the top right is made out of cedar.
   The bottom two candle holders were created to hold several sizes of candles.

If you would be interested in one of the candle holders let us know. See the information at the top of the page.
Two cherry wood canlde holders
Christmas Ornaments
Small mahogany and cedar ball ornament. Walnut and mahogany inside out ornament.    This ornament on the left is a ball/icicle Christmas ornament is made from cedar with mahogany top and bottom pieces. The middle ball section is hallow to reduce weight. If the ball section was solid it may weight too much and bend tree branches down.
    The one on the right is made with a process called inside out turning. It allows for a hollow form in the middle that extends to part of the outside of the turning. The inside could be painted a different color, include different detailing, or even a small mural painting. This one is made from walnut and mahogany.
Cedar clock with storage in the top Two bloodwood clocks.    The clock on the left is made out of cedar, and as an added bonus, the top is removable for storage or small items, like small jewelry.

   The two clocks on the right are made out of Blood wood given its name for it"s very deep red color. It is a rare wood to use in the USA and is grown in Central to South America. It is a hard wood that instead of fading with age it actually grows more deeply colored. If you are interested in buying a clock see the information at the top of this page.
Mini cedar goblet    This mini goblet is made from cedar. Right now it is the only one and as such it is not available for sale at this time. How ever check back from time to time and see if there is more, or read above on how to make a request.
Lidded Boxes
Cedar clamshell lidded box.
Cedar clamshell lidded box.
   This "clam shell" holder is made from cedar, and has a lid. The inside of both the base and the lid are rounded. Currently this is not available but if you would like one see the information at the top of the page.
Light Pulls
Baseball Bat shaped light pull.    Light pulls, as found on ceiling fans, and lights can add a nice decorative look compared to the standard pulls that are included with ceiling fans and lights. In some cases, as pictured here, they can be made to look like baseball bats.
Spinning Tops
Spinning tops.    Toy tops are a fun toy for just about anyone to play with. These tops are made of various types of wood, and use a number of different profiles and sizes to get the finished top. Tops can also be made from more than one type of wood. If you would like to request tops see the information at the top of the page.
Mahogany whistles    These two whistles, created using mahogany, were designed to have a high pitch sound when used. The size of the whistle usually determines the pitch. Larger whistles have a low pitch sound while the smaller whistles, as stated earlier, have a high pitch sound. Currently whistles are not in stock, but if you are interested in them see the information at the top of the page.

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